Resolution Establishing Criteria by the Central Pine Barrens
Joint Planning and Policy Commission
Pursuant to Its Duty Under NY ECL Article 57-0125
for the Expansion of Its Jurisdiction, Authority, and Membership
To Incorporate Areas East of the Shinnecock Canal

Approved by the Commission at its meeting of 10/20/99
at the Commission office, Great River, NY.

The Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission establishes the following criteria for the preparation of a land use plan for the South Fork of Long Island, that will include areas in the Towns of Southampton and East Hampton, and for the possible participation by the Town of East Hampton in the Commission:

Stage I

  1. Definition of overall study areas, including, specifically, a core area consisting of large intact areas of undeveloped land, and compatible growth areas.
  2. Amendment to NY ECL Article 57.

Stage II
  1. Review and acceptance, by the Towns of East Hampton and Southampton, of the jurisdiction of the Commission as described in Chapter 4 of the Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan ("the Plan") and the standards and guidelines for development contained in Chapter 5 of the Plan.
  2. Commitment by the Towns of East Hampton and Southampton to management, as defined in Chapter 7 of the Plan, of the core area and the compatible growth area(s), and to participation in the Protected Lands Council, the Law Enforcement Council, and the Wildfire Task Force.
  3. Definition of critical resource areas.
  4. Specifically identify receiving areas of sufficient quality and quantity to accommodate Pine Barrens Credits, and other methods to utilize Credits.
  5. Preparation of an economic analysis to evaluate the value and utilization of Pine Barrens Credits.

Stage III
  1. Preparation of a supplemental generic environmental impact statement, and a draft plan.
  2. Adoption of the draft plan by the Commission.
  3. Adoption of Town Code amendments to reflect the plan adopted by the Commission.

Motion by: Ms. Wiplush (for Brookhaven Town)
Second by: Mr. Cowen (for New York State)
In favor: Mr. Proios (for Suffolk County), Mr. Cowen, Ms. Wiplush
Opposed: Mr. Shea (for Southampton Town)
Absent: Riverhead Town