Calendar Based Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act
Statutory Requirements During Development and Early Implementation
of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, 1993 - 1996
Statutory Date
Event or Requirement
July 14, 1993
(Effective date)
Signing of Act into law, and start of the statutory calendar for Plan development.
Ceremonial signing held by Governor Cuomo at Southaven County Park on 7/15/93.  Effective date is 7/14/93.
August 13, 1993
(Within 30 days of effective date)
Initial meeting of Commission must be held, following public notice by County Executive.
Public notice given 7/30/93.
Held August 6, 1993 at the Riverhead County Center
August 28, 1993
(Within 45 days of effective date)
A map of the Central Pine Barrens classifying and depicting the Core Preservation Area and the Compatible Growth Area must be filed with the Secretary of State, the Suffolk County Clerk and the clerk of each town or village whose boundaries are included within the Central Pine Barrens.
Notice of the filing and availability of the map must be published at least twice in a paper of general circulation in Suffolk County.
Filed with:
● NYS Secretary of State on 8/24/93 
● Suffolk County Clerk on 8/27/93 
● Town clerks on 8/26/93 
● Village clerks on 8/27/93. 
Notice published in Newsday on 8/28/93 and 8/29/93.
October 12, 1993
(Within 90 days of effective date)
Expiration of the ninety day period following enactment during which a lead agency can allow an active project to qualify under Section 57-0121(8)(c) for a planning period exemption from Interim Goals and Standards.
Discussed at 10/13/93 Commission meeting.
Ninety day period expired without extension by Commission.
October 14, 1993
(Within 3 months of effective date)
Interim Goals and Standards for hardship cases and for Compatible Growth Area developments must be published.
Adopted on 10/13/93 as emergency rules.
Published in NYS Register 11/17/93. 
State Administrative Procedure Act hearing held 1/3/94. 
Readopted as emergency rules on 1/12/94. 
Adopted as final rules on 2/23/94, and published in NYS Register on 3/23/94.
February 6, 1994
(Within 6 months of first meeting)
All private parcels within the Core Preservation Area must be inventoried.
Upon completion of inventory, those property owners must be notified.
Upon completion of inventory, development yield for each property within the Core Preservation Area must be calculated and assigned.
Inventory was completed by 2/4/94.

Inventory was adopted at 2/7/94 meeting.

Letter was approved at 2/9/94 Commission meeting.

Approx. 3500 letters were mailed by 3/2/94.

Development yield calculation and assignment was completed by 6/28/94.
The Commission accepted the calculations at its 7/11/94 meeting.
July 14, 1994
(Within 12 months of effective date)
Draft Land Use Plan must be prepared and published, following consultation with Advisory Committee
Draft GEIS must be prepared and published.
Preliminary versions of the Draft Plan were published on 2/23/94 and 4/20/94.
The Draft Plan was published and accepted by the Commission at its 7/13/94 meeting.
A positive declaration for the Plan was issued by the Commission at its 4/13/94 meeting. 
A scoping session for the GEIS was held 4/27/94 at Longwood Junior High School in Middle Island. Comment period was kept open through 5/11/94. 
Draft GEIS was published and accepted by the Commission at its 7/13/94 meeting.
August 6, 1994
(Within 12 months of first meeting)
Receiving districts within and without the Central Pine Barrens sufficient to receive transferred development rights and/or values of the core area, and sufficient for the continuation of an adequate transfer of rights and/or values program, must be identified.
Fiscal impacts of the established transfer of development rights and values system must be considered.
This was contained in the Draft Plan published and accepted at the Commission's 7/13/94 meeting.
An initial report on existing conditions was issued by the Harriman School on 8/1/94 and considered by the Commission.
October 13, 1994
(Within 3 months of publication of the Draft Land Use Plan)
Public informational meetings must be held in the towns of Brookhaven, Riverhead and Southampton.
At least one public hearing within the Central Pine Barrens must be held.
The Riverhead session was held 9/7/94 at Riverhead Town Hall.

The Brookhaven session was held 9/13/94 at the Brookhaven Town offices in Medford.

The Southampton session was held on 9/21/94 at Remsenburg - Speonk school in Remsenburg.

Public hearing was held on 9/28/94 at the Brookhaven Town offices. The comment period was kept open through 11/7/94.
January 15, 1995
(Within 3 months of last public hearing)
Revised Plan must be completed and recommended to town boards.
Revised Plan (Volumes 1 and 2) was recommended by Commission at its 1/13/95 meeting.
After March 13, 1995
Modification of the Plan by the Commission at the request of town representatives.
A modified proposed final Plan was approved by the Commission and recommended to the towns at the Commission's 4/12/95 and 4/26/95 meetings.
After 4/26/95
(when the Commission modified the Plan and recommended it to the Towns)
After modifying the plan as necessary, the commission shall prepare a draft supplemental generic environmental impact statement and a final generic environmental impact statement, and the towns and commission shall adopt the necessary statement of findings pursuant to article eight of this chapter.
The Commission adopted the Findings Statement on 6/12/95.
After 6/12/95
(when the Commission's Findings Statement was adopted)
Ratification and adoption of the plan and adoption of Findings Statements by the town boards of Brookhaven, Riverhead, and Southampton.
Brookhaven approved on 6/23/95.
Southampton approved on 6/27/95.
Riverhead approved on 6/28/95.
Within 24 months of passage Adoption by the Commission of the Plan and GEIS, with signatures by the Governor, County Executive, and three Supervisors.
This was done at the Commission meeting of 6/28/95.
Periodically The Commission shall meet periodically with the Advisory Committee. During the two year planning meeting, the Commission and the Advisory Committee met together formally on 10/11/94.  Following the Plan's adoption, they met formally again on 7/9/96 and 10/23/96.
Once per year
Report to Governor and State Legislature, with copies to town and village legislative bodies
The first report covered the period 7/14/93 to 7/14/94 and was adopted by the Commission at its 8/10/94 meeting.