Dedication, Special Acknowledgment, and Preamble
To Arthur Kunz:
professional planner,
Director of the Suffolk County Planning Department,
friend to all,
and an early champion of pine barrens preservation.
Special Acknowledgement
Since the inception of the Commission in July of 1993, and during
the several months which preceded the state legislation, many
individuals and groups have found the time and energy to work on
the pine barrens issue.
One person, however, merits special acknowledgement and the
sincere thanks of the Commission for committing himself and his
agency to making the pine barrens plan a success, rather than a
historical footnote.  Without the assistance of Michael LoGrande -
as a professional planner, originator of Suffolk County's Drinking
Water Protection Program, and as Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of the Suffolk County Water Authority - there would simply
not be a Plan. The Commission gratefully acknowledges his
steadfast support.

Preamble to Volume 1

The Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act of 1993 requires the
preparation of a comprehensive land use plan ("the Plan") for the
Central Pine Barrens of Long Island.

This volume, Volume 1: Policies, Programs and Standards,
constitutes the Plan stipulated by the Pine Barrens Protection Act.
Individual chapters of this Plan describe the provisions, standards,
guidelines, programs, recommendations and other components of
the Plan.