Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Volume 1: Policies, Programs and Standards

Plan Volume 1: Version of 5/1/96

Revision history:

January 13, 1995: Originally recommended by the Commission to the Towns of
Brookhaven, Riverhead, and Southampton.

April 12 and 26, 1995: Amended by Commission resolutions following comments from towns.

June 12, 1995: Modified by the State Environmental Quality Review Act Findings Statement.

June 28, 1995: Approved in final form by the Commission, and signed into law by the Commission and the Governor.

May 1, 1996: Amended by resolution of the Commission pursuant to ECL Article 57 provisions for Plan amendments.

(See this link for the exact text of the May 1, 1996 Plan amendments.)

Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission
P.O. Box 587
3525 Sunrise Highway, 2nd Floor
(Technical Services Building, Suffolk County Water Authority)
Great River, NY 11739-0587

(To see the current Commission roster, click here.)

Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission

Robert J. Gaffney, Esq., Chair
Suffolk County Executive

Felix J. Grucci, Jr., Vice Chair
Town of Brookhaven Supervisor

Vincent Cannuscio, Member
Town of Southampton Supervisor

Ray E. Cowen, P.E., Member
Governor's Representative

James R. Stark, Member
Town of Riverhead Supervisor

Designated Representatives

Suffolk County:
Roy S. Dragotta, Esq., Municipal Law Bureau Chief, Dept. Of Law
George Gatta, Jr., Deputy County Executive
Eric A. Kopp, Deputy County Executive
George Proios, Assistant County Executive

Town of Brookhaven:
Thomas W. Cramer, A.S.L.A., Commissioner, Department of Planning, Environment and Development
John Girandola, Director, Planning Division, Department of Planning, Environment and Development
John W. Pavacic, Assistant Environmental Protection Director, Department of Planning, Environment and Development
Emily Pines, Esq., Town Attorney
Barbara M. Wiplush, Esq., Assistant Town Attorney

Town of Riverhead:
Brenda Filmanski, ,A.I.C.P., Planner
Richard Hanley, Director, Planning Department
Russell Kratoville, Deputy Supervisor

Town of Southampton:
Robert J. Duffy, A.I.C.P., Town Planning and Development Administrator
Andrew P. Freleng, A.I.C.P., Chief Planner
Martin E. Shea, Chief Environmental Analyst

Prior Commission Members and Designated Representatives

New York State:
Ulric S. Haynes, Jr., Dean, Hofstra University School of Business (member)

Town of Brookhaven:
Jesse Garcia, Executive Assistant
John J. LaMura, Esq., former Supervisor and Commission Vice Chair (member)
Carole S. Swick, R.L.A., former Commissioner of Planning, Environment and Development

Town of Riverhead:
Joseph F. Janoski, former Supervisor (member)

Town of Southampton:
Richard J. Blowes, former Deputy Supervisor (member)
Douglas R. Penny, Esq., former Councilman and former Deputy Supervisor (member)
Linda Riley, Esq., former Town Attorney and former Alternate
Fred W. Thiele, Jr., Esq., former Supervisor (member)

(To see the current Advisory Committee organizational roster, click here.)

Central Pine Barrens Advisory Committee as of 7/96

Michael A. LoGrande, A.I.C.P.
Advisory Committee Chairperson
Suffolk County Water Authority Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

(Organizations are listed in the order in which they appear within NY Environmental Conservation Law Article 57.)

Long Island Association
Mitchell H. Pally, Esq., Vice-president for Legislative and Economic Affairs

Long Island Builders Institute
Robert A. Weiboldt, Executive Director

Association for a Better Long Island
Herbert M. Balin, Esq., Executive Board Member

Long Island Board of Realtors
Robert Herrick, President
Alternate: Jeanne Garant, Board Member

Long Island Farm Bureau
Joseph M. Gergela, III, Executive Director
Alternate: Henry Talmage

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Dr. Henry Bokuniewicz, Professor of Marine Sciences and Director of the Long Island Groundwater Institute
Alternate: Dr. Martin Schoonen, Professor of Earth and Space Sciences and Assistant Director of the Long Island Groundwater Institute

Regional Plan Association
Robert D. Yaro, Executive Director
Alternates: Robert J. Pirani, Director of Environmental Projects; Richard S. DeTurk, Senior Fellow and Long Island Representative

Long Island Pine Barrens Society
Richard L. Amper, Executive Director and Advisory Committee Vice Chair

Group For The South Fork
Kevin McDonald, Vice-president
Alternates: Robert S. DeLuca, Executive Director; Carolyn Zenk, Esq., Staff Attorney

The Nature Conservancy
Sara E. Davison, Executive Director
Alternate: Dr. Stuart R. Lowrie, Peconic Bioreserve Director

North Fork Environmental Council
Louis Passantino

Open Space Council
Marilyn England, President
Alternate: Daniel Morris, Treasurer

Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference
Kim L. Darrow, Esq., Cofounder and former Board Member
Alternate: Thomas Casey, Board Member

Environmental Defense Fund
James T.B. Tripp, Esq., Counsel
Alternate: Arthur Cooley, Cofounder and Trustee

Eastern Suffolk Board of Realtors
Barbara A. McCaffery, President
Alternate: Dorothea Green

Southampton Alliance
James V. Zizzi, Vice-president
Alternate: Ann LaWall, Executive Director

South Fork Promotion Committee
Dr. Thomas Pescod, Westhampton Chamber of Commerce
Alternate: William Dalton

Long Island Regional Planning Board
Dr. Lee E. Koppelman, Executive Director

New York State Legislative Commission on Water Resource Needs of Long Island - Senate Office
James M. Sherry, Esq., Chief Counsel
Alternate: Christopher J. Gill, Legislative Director

New York State Legislative Commission on Water Resource Needs of Long Island - Assembly Office
John L. Turner, Legislative Director
Alternate: Rosemary Konatich

Brookhaven Civic Representative
Connie Kepert, President, Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Organizations

Riverhead Civic Representative
Desiree Passantino, Codirector, ACT NOW
Alternate: Mark Lembo

Southampton Civic Representative
Joseph F. Colao, President, Wildwood Lake Association
Alternate: Kevin McCrudden

Participating organizations recommended by the Committee as additional members:

Brookhaven National Laboratory / Associated Universities, Inc.
Dr. Jannakiram Naidu, Ecologist, Safety and Environmental Protection Division

Suffolk Alliance of Sportsmen, Inc.
William Shaber, Past President
Alternate: John A. Meringolo, Esq.

Special Note

This list would be incomplete without mentioning the steady and invaluable contribution of Michael J. Deering, former Legislative Director of the Legislative Water Commission's Assembly Office, past Advisory Committee member, and past Vice Chair of the Committee.

Original Plan Contributors

Persons listed here are those shown in the June 1995 Plan.
Subsequent changes in affiliation are shown where known.
This list does not include all persons currently involved in the Plan's implementation.

Suffolk County Water Authority

Board Members

Michael A. LoGrande, A.I.C.P., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Melvin M. Fritz, D.O.M.D.
Matthew B. Kondenar, Secretary
Eric J. Russo, Esq.
James T. B. Tripp, Esq.

Principal Staff

Raymond P. Corwin, Commission Director
Jamie S. Greene
Timothy J. Hopkins, Esq.
Judith E. Jakobsen
John C. Milazzo, Esq.
Donna J. Plunkett, R.L.A
Lorraine A. Trezza

Cartographic and Computer Support

Jeffrey W. Altorfer
Kumar Grandhi
Vincent L. Lautato

Support Staff

Kenneth Appell
Kathy Auleta
Johnna Buso
Jean Caruso
Steven Colabufo
Richard E. Deal
Nicolo DiBartolo
Frank Faber
James A. Hartnett
Lawrence B. Kulick
Laura J. Mansi
Deborah A. McCahey
Nick Mirabile
Julie Neville
Maureen A. Podesta
Edward J. Rosavitch, P.E.
Albert R. Schneider
Fred Serterides
Michael Stevenson
Virginia Stone
James Touchet
Joseph Vecchio
Lucy Vetter

Suffolk County Department of Planning

Principal Staff

Stephen M. Jones, A.I.C.P., Director
James F. Bagg
DeWitt Davies, Ph.D.
Peter K. Lambert
Carl Lind
Robert E. Riekert
Carol E. Walsh
Susan D. Windesheim

Support Staff

Susan Adair
Gail C. Calfa
James Daly
Paula Davantzis
Lauretta R. Fischer
Thomas Frisenda
Ronald J. Green
Barbara Horoski
Pearl Kamer, Ph.D.
Teresa Kinkead
Penny Kohler
Lia Ladore
Vincent LeoGrande
Samuella Martin
Mark Noonan
Ronald Verbarg
Jeanne Widmayer
Douglas V. Winkler
Manny Zerillo

Suffolk County Department of Health Services

Joseph H. Baier, P.E., Director of Environmental Quality
Walter Dawydiak
Vito Minei
Dennis Moran, P.E.
Sy F. Robbins, C.P.G.

Suffolk County Department of Public Works

Edward Davida, P.E.
Richard LaValle, P.E.
Matthew Rankel, P.E.
William Shannon, P.E.
Ben Wright, P.E.

Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation

Michael R. Frank, R.L.A., Commissioner
Edward W. Wankel, Former Commissioner (currently with the NYS Office of Parks)
Schuyler Corwin
Lawrence J. Hynes
Karen McMillan
Sgt. Dennis Meuller
Helen L. Parker
Chief William Peters

Suffolk County Department of Law, Division of Real Estate

David Fishbein, Esq., Director of Real Estate
Dorothy Klewicki

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Region 1

Capt. Robert J. Conklin
Charles T. Hamilton
Harold W. Knoch
Stephen P. Lorence
Capt. Richard M. Otterstedt
Steven J. Sanford (presently at Albany office)
Michael S. Scheibel
Robert W. Schneck, P.E.
David M. Sinclair
William H. Spitz
Edward F. Woltmann
Patricia B. Zielenski

Town of Brookhaven

Dennis Cole
Gladys Gentile, Esq.
John Girandola
Jeffrey Kassner
Connie Kepert
Lee E. Koppelman, Ph.D.
John W. Pavacic
Douglas Rodriguez
Carole S. Swick, R.L.A.

Town of Riverhead

Brenda Filmanski, A.I.C.P.
Lt. Fred Foote
Richard E. Gadzinski
Richard Hanley

Town of Southampton

Wayne Bruyn, Esq.
John Deschamps
Robert J. Duffy, A.I.C.P.
Andrew P. Freleng, A.I.C.P.
Linda Furman
Timothy Keane
Heidi Misslbek
Martin E. Shea
Thomas Thorsen, A.I.C.P.
David Wilcox

The Nature Conservancy

Sara E. Davison, Executive Director
Susan D. Antenen
Marilyn J. Jordan, Ph.D.
Stuart R. Lowrie, Ph.D.
Bruce Lund
Philip Tabas, Esq.

Transfer of Development Rights Committee

James T.B. Tripp, Esq., Co-Chair
Donald Eversoll, Co-Chair
Timothy J. Hopkins, Esq., Principal Staff
Herbert M. Balin, Esq.
Wayne Bruyn, Esq.
Brian Culhane
Jeanne Cooper
Theresa Elkowitz
Jack Finkenberg
Joseph Fischetti, P.E.
Jeanne Garant
Gladys Gentile, Esq.
Joseph M. Gergela, III
Dorothea Green
Richard Hanley
John A. Hauptman
Robert Herrick
Sherry Johnson
Connie Kepert
Jenny Kohn, Esq.
Ann LaWall
Barbara A. McCaffery
Patricia Moore, Esq.
Dennis Moran, P.E.
Daniel Morris
Michael Nobiletti
Louis Passantino
Linda Peterson
Donna J. Plunkett, R.LA.
Robert E. Riekert
Philip Sanderman, Esq.
Robert W. Schneck, P.E.
Edwin M. Schwenk
Mary Ellen Surhoff
Carole S. Swick, R.L.A.
Henry Talmage
Thomas M. Thorsen, A.I.C.P.
Robert Wieboldt
Susan D. Windesheim
Robert D. Yaro
James V. Zizzi

Land Management Committee

Marilyn England, Co-Chair
John L. Turner, Co-Chair
John W. Pavacic, Vice-Chair
Kim L. Darrow, Esq.
Adrienne Esposito
George Fernandez
Dorothea Green
Cole Hayes, R.L.A
Bruce Lund
Daniel Morris
Edward Murphy, P.E.
William Shaber
David M. Sinclair

Fire Management Specialists

John J. Austin
Henry H. Behrens, Jr.
Alfred J. Jardin
Kenneth H. Jones
William Reilly

Ecology Committee

John A. Black, Chair
James F. Bagg
Steven Biasetti
Dennis Cole
Douglas DiLillo
Theresa Elkowitz
Marilyn J. Jordan, Ph.D.
John Kandelin, Ph.D.
James McDougal
Thomas J. McMahon
Margery Oldfield, Ph.D.
John W. Pavacic
Steven J. Sanford
Reynold S. Welch
Susan D. Windesheim

Cultural Resources Working Group

John W. Pavacic, Coordinator
James F. Bagg
Linda Barber
David Bernstein, Ph.D.
Laurie Hempton
J. Lance Mallamo
Robert McKay, Ph.D.
Sy F. Robbins, C.P.G.
John Strong
Ellen Williams

Hunting and Fishing Working Group

Schuyler Corwin
John Fritz
Harold W. Knoch
Stephen P. Lorence
John A. Meringolo, Esq.
William Shaber
Edward F. Woltmann

Hydrology Working Group

James F. Bagg
Henry Bokuniewicz, Ph.D.
Steven Colabufo
Walter Dawydiak
Marilyn J. Jordan, Ph.D.
Henry Ku
Vito Minei
Bruno Nemickas, Ph.D.
Sy F. Robbins, C.P.G.
Martin Schoonen, Ph.D.
William H. Spitz

Trails Working Group

Dr. Cyla Allison
Wendy Burling
Thomas Casey
Kim L. Darrow, Esq.
George Fernandez
Kay Intemann
Linda LaFrance
Nancy Manfredonia
Helen L. Parker
Robert Powers
David Wilcox

(To see the current Protected Lands Council organizational roster, click here.)

Protected Lands Council

This is a list of individuals who originally contributed to this portion of the Plan.
It is not a complete list of those currently on the Council.

Susan D. Antenen
Larry Fernandez
Michael R. Frank, R.L.A.
Charles T. Hamilton
Lawrence J. Hynes
Sgt. Dennis Mueller
Jan Naidu, Ph.D.
Robert Nellen
Helen L. Parker
David Sinclair
Edward W. Wankel
Joseph Wetzel

(To see the current Law Enforcement Council organizational roster, click here.)

Law Enforceent Council

Representatives from the following contributed to the original Law Enforcement Plan for protecting the pine barrens:

Brookhaven Town Code Enforcement
Long Island Railroad Police
New York State Environmental Conservation Police
New York State Forest Rangers
New York State Park Police
New York State Police
Riverhead Town Code Enforcement
Riverhead Town Police
Southampton Town Police
Suffolk County District Attorney's Office Environmental Crime Unit
Suffolk County Park Police
Suffolk County Police
Suffolk County Sheriff

Additional agencies participating in implementation of the Plan's Law Enforcement component include:

New York Army National Guard A.A.S.F. #1 (Long Island MacArthur Airport)
Southampton Town Fire Marshal
United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol Long Island Group

Legal Counsel

McMillian, Rather, Bennett and Rigano, P.C.
James P. Rigano, Esq.
Doris E. Roth, Esq.
Michael C. Schmidt, Esq.

Economic Analysis

The Research Foundation of the State University of New York
Harriman School at SUNY at Stony Brook

Thomas R. Sexton, Ph.D.
Richard H. Silkman, Ph.D.
Brenda Bernstein
Alexander Zhukovsky, Ph.D

(To see the current Clearinghouse roster, click here.)

Pine Barrens Credit Clearinghouse Members as of 7/96

Members of the Clearinghouse also serve as Treasurers of the Commission.

James T.B. Tripp, Esq., Chair and Brookhaven Town Member
Allan D. Grecco, Esq., Vice Chair and Suffolk County Member
Andrew P. Freleng, A.I.C.P., Southampton Town Member
John F. Hanley, Riverhead Town Member
Mitchell H. Pally, Esq., New York State Member

Councils and Task Force Chairs as of 7/96

Law Enforcement Council
Lawrence J. Hynes, Chair,
Director of Security,
Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation

Protected Lands Council
Michael R. Frank, R.L.A., Co-chair,
Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation

Charles T. Hamilton, Co-chair,
Director of Natural Resources,
NY State Department of Environmental Conservation Region 1

  (To see the current Wildfire Task Force organizational roster, click here.)

Central Pine Barrens Wildfire Task Force
Created by Commission resolution in November, 1995.

John M. Searing, P.E., Chair,
Chief, Rocky Point Fire Department

Philip R. Drower, Co-Vice Chair,
First Assistant Chief, Wading River Fire Department

Robert J. Conklin, Co-Vice Chair
Captain, New York State Forest Rangers

Wildfire Task Force Member organizations

Brookhaven Fire Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire Rescue Group
East Quogue Fire Department
Eastport Fire Department
Flanders Fire Department
Gordon Heights Fire Department
Hampton Bays Fire Department
Law Enforcement Council
Manorville Fire Department
Middle Island Fire Department
Miller Place Fire Department
New York Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State Fire Prevention and Control Office
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Protected Lands Council
Quogue Fire Department
Ridge Fire Department
Riverhead Fire Department
Rocky Point Fire Department
Suffolk County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services
Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation
Suffolk County Water Authority
The Nature Conservancy
Town of Brookhaven Fire Marshal's Office
Town of Riverhead Fire Marshal's Office
Town of Southampton Fire Marshal's Office
United States Forest Service
Wading River Fire Department
Westhampton Beach Fire Department
Yaphank Fire Department