Public Hearings on Development Applications
Originally adopted 7/13/94; amended 1/7/98 and 3/17/99;
Provision regarding hearing extensions adopted 1/15/03.

The Commission applies the following procedures and principles to public hearings required under New York Environmental Conservation Law Article 57 (the statute containing the Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act) for development applications in the both the Compatible Growth Area and the Core Preservation Area.

Scheduling of Hearings: Where hearings are required for applications within either the Compatible Growth Area or the Core Preservation Area, the Commission determines the date of the hearing, and normally does so by resolution during a work or regular session.

Coordination of Hearings for Different Applications: When applications are pending from several distinct applicants, the Commission will attempt to schedule the required hearings on the same date.

Locations: Hearings are generally held as part of the Commission's regularly scheduled meetings. These meetings are frequently held at the Commission office, one of the three town's Town Halls, or at a Suffolk County facility. Other locations are possible, but applicants will generally know the location of their hearing at the time that the Commission schedules it, usually three weeks prior to the hearing date.

Fees: No application fee is charged by the Commission for submitting an application or holding a public hearing, however, the legal notice costs must be paid by the applicant as noted below.

Legal Notice: Publication of a legal notice of the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation within the Central Pine Barrens is to be arranged by the Commission staff, with the cost to be borne by the applicant. The cost of the legal notice must be paid by the applicant on or before the day of the hearing.

Stenography: Stenographic transcription will be arranged by the Commission staff for use in the Commission's review, with the cost borne by the Commission.

Withholding of Written Decisions: No written decision or permit will be provided to the applicant unless the cost of the legal notice publication has been paid by the applicant as required above.

Other Costs: The applicant may provide for attorneys, consultants or other professional assistance at any hearing, but is responsible for bearing the complete costs of any such assistance. All other costs incurred at the applicant's initiative are, of course, to be paid entirely by the applicant.

Requests for Extensions and Continuation of Scheduled Hearings: The Commission shall consider requests for an extension or continuation of a previously scheduled hearing.  Commission staff shall instruct applicants that have requested a first extension or continuation of a hearing, where such request is received at least three weeks before the scheduled hearing date, that such request shall be granted by the Commission.  This policy in no way undermines the Commission's authority to grant extensions on its own motion.