The Suffolk County Fire Academy could provide the following courses:
1 Essentials
2 Unified Incident Command
12 hours
3 Basic Wildland Suppression (county's version)
25-30 hours
4 Wildfire Safety Course (county's version)
2.5 hours
5 Communications Discipline and Protocol
2 hours
New York State or the National Wildfire Coordinating Groups (NWCGs) are available to provide the following courses:
1 Basic Fire Suppression (NYOFP)
12 hours
2 S-130 Firefighter training. 
To give the basic skills in suppression with hands-on experience
24 hours
3 S-190 
To give the basic behavior factors to aid in safe and effective control. 

**S-130/190 with a physical agility test, could "Red Card" firefighters to respond to out of state fires, as a team, designated by the State of NY.

6 hours
4 PMS 416 Standards for Survival 
Emphasis is placed on avoiding situations and conditions that are unsafe.
8 hours
5 S-200 Initial Attack Incident Command 
Provide the training needed to size-up, deploy, suppress, communicate and administrate small non-complex fires.
24 hours max.
6 S-205 Fire Operations in Urban Interface 
Provides training needs for initial attack IC and company officers confronting wildland fires that threatens life, property, and improvements.
32 hours max.
7 P-101 Intro to Wildfire Prevention 
General knowledge about prevention, problems, specific actions and the role of prevention specialist.
2 hours
8 P-151 Wildfire Cause and Origin 
The training is for potential wildfire investigators.
29 hours
9 I-100 Intro to ICS
Self study
10 I-200 
Introduces the student to the principles of Incident Command.
12 hours
11 I-300 
Describes in more detail and examples of the organization and operations.
27 hours
12 PMS-418 HazMat Awareness 
To provide training in awareness and recognition of Hazardous Material.
2 hours
13 S-217 Interagency Helicopter Training Guide 
Basic knowledge and skills to work with helicopters.
35 hours