About the Commission's Logo:

In 1997, the Central Pine Barrens Commission invited all interested artists and designers to submit their best handiwork for a logo for the new Commission.  Although no compensation was offered - only recognition! - the Commission received approximately 40 entries from both professionals and "regular folks".  The entries illustrated the Commission's dual natural resource responsibilities - water and the pine barrens ecosystem - through sketches, colors, shapes, and creative design elements.

At its June 4, 1997 meeting, the Commission decided upon two entries:  one from a professional graphic designer to serve as our daily logo for regular business (e.g., our letterhead) and one from a Long Island high school student to serve as our educational outreach logo.  The winning artists were Ms. Cynthia Harmon (for the main logo at left), and Mr. Jeffrey Bingham, a Mattituck High School student (for the educational logo at right; click to enlarge).

Awards were presented at the October 8, 1997 Commission meeting in Riverhead.  In acknowledging her selection, Ms. Harmon wrote:  "To be of service to an organization such as yours which strives to protect such a fragile environment was a great opportunity for me as a graphic artist.  It was very satisfying to be able to design a piece of art which I believe will effectively communicate an image for the Central Pine Barrens Commission ..."

Thank you to all who contributed!

Logos (c) 1997, 2004 by the Central Pine Barrens Commission.  A special thanks goes out to ACT Communications Group of West Islip, NY for their assistance with digitizing and refining the Commission's selected logos!