2003 Riverhead Fire Marshal Peace Officer Bill - Unofficial Copy

This bill (Senate bill 822A, Assembly bill 1553A) is an amendment to the NY Criminal Procedure Law.
It is contained within Chapter 638 of the Laws of 2003.  The effective date was 10/7/03.

1.  Status and milestones of the bill
2.  Summary and voting
3.  Bill text
4.  Sponsors' memo


A1553-A  Acampora
S822A  LaValle
Criminal Procedure Law
TITLE....Designates certain employees of the town of Riverhead as peace officers
01/22/03 referred to codes
03/31/03 amend and recommit to codes
03/31/03 print number 1553a
06/11/03 reported referred to rules
06/16/03 rules report cal.566
06/16/03 ordered to third reading rules cal.566
06/16/03 passed assembly
06/16/03 delivered to senate
06/19/03 3RD READING CAL.1576
09/25/03 delivered to governor
10/07/03 signed chap.638


Amd S2.10, CP L
Designates certain town court employees, village court employees, employees appointed to serve as marine patrol officers, and animal control officers of the town of Riverhead as peace officers.
EFF. DATE 10/07/2003

06/19/03 A1553-A  Senate Vote  Aye: 59 Nay: 2
06/19/03   A1553-A    Senate Vote    Aye: 59   Nay: 2
Aye Alesi  Aye Andrews  Aye Balboni  Aye Bonacic 
Aye Breslin  Aye Brown  Aye Bruno  Aye Connor 
Aye DeFrancisco  Aye Diaz  Aye Dilan  Nay Duane 
Aye Farley  Aye Flanagan  Aye Fuschillo  Aye Golden 
Aye Gonzalez  Aye Hannon  Aye Hassell-Thompson  Aye Hoffmann 
Aye Johnson  Nay Krueger  Aye Kruger  Aye Kuhl 
Aye Lachman  Aye Larkin  Aye LaValle  Aye Leibell 
Aye Libous  Aye Little  Aye Maltese  Aye Marcellino 
Aye Marchi  Aye Maziarz  Aye McGee  Aye Meier 
Aye Mendez  Aye Montgomery  Aye Morahan  Aye Nozzolio 
Aye Onorato  Aye Oppenheimer  Aye Padavan  Aye Parker 
Aye Paterson  Aye Rath  Aye Robach  Aye Sabini 
Aye Saland  Aye Sampson  Aye Schneiderman  Aye Seward 
Aye Skelos  Exc Smith A  Aye Smith M  Aye Spano 
Aye Stachowski  Aye Stavisky  Aye Trunzo  Aye Velella 
Aye Volker  Aye Wright 
06/16/03   A1553-A    Assembly Vote   Yes: 147   No : 0
Yes Abbate  Yes Acampora  Yes Alfano  Yes Arroyo 
Yes Aubertine  Yes Aubry  Yes Bacalles  Yes Barclay 
Yes Barra  Yes Barraga  Yes Benjamin  Yes Bing 
Yes Boyland  Yes Bradley  Yes Brennan  Yes Brodsky 
Yes Brown  Yes Burling  Yes Butler  Yes Cahill 
Yes Calhoun  Yes Canestrari  Yes Carrozza  Yes Casale P 
Yes Christensen  Yes Clark  Yes Cohen A  Yes Cohen M 
Yes Colton  Yes Conte  ER  Cook  Yes Crouch 
Yes Cusick  Yes Cymbrowitz  Yes DelMonte  Yes Destito 
Yes Diaz L  Yes Diaz R  Yes DiNapoli  Yes Dinowitz 
Yes Eddington  Yes Englebright  Yes Errigo  Yes Espaillat 
Yes Farrell  Yes Ferrara  Yes Finch  Yes Fitzpatrick 
Yes Galef  Yes Gantt  Yes Gianaris  Yes Glick 
Yes Gordon  Yes Gottfried  Yes Grannis  Yes Green 
Yes Greene  Yes Grodenchik  Yes Gromack  Yes Gunther 
Yes Hayes  Yes Heastie  Yes Higgins  Yes Hikind 
Yes Hooker  Yes Hooper  Yes Hoyt  Yes Jacobs 
Yes John  Yes Karben  Yes Kaufman  Yes Kirwan 
Yes Klein  Yes Kolb  Yes Koon  Yes Labriola 
ER  Lafayette  Yes Lavelle  Yes Lentol  Yes Levy 
Yes Lifton Yes Lopez  Yes Magee  Yes Magnarelli 
Yes Manning  Yes Markey  Yes Mayersohn  Yes McDonald 
Yes McDonough  Yes McEneny  Yes McLaughlin  Yes Miller 
Yes Millman  Yes Mills  Yes Mirones  Yes Morelle 
Yes Nesbitt  Yes Nolan  Yes Norman  Yes Oaks 
Yes O'Connell  Yes O'Donnell  Yes Ortiz  Yes Ortloff 
Yes Parment  Yes Paulin  Yes Peoples  Yes Peralta 
Yes Perry  Yes Pheffer  Yes Powell  Yes Prentiss 
Yes Pretlow  Yes Raia  Yes Ramos  Yes Reilich 
Yes Rivera J  Yes Rivera P  Yes Robinson  Yes Sanders 
Yes Sayward  Yes Scarborough  Yes Schimminger  Yes Scozzafava 
Yes Seddio  ER  Seminerio  Yes Sidikman  Yes Smith 
Yes Spano  Yes Stephens  Yes Straniere  Yes Stringer 
Yes Sweeney  Yes Tedisco  Yes Thiele  Yes Titus 
Yes Tocci  Yes Tokasz  Yes Tonko  Yes Towns 
Yes Townsend  Yes Warner  Yes Weinstein  Yes Weisenberg 
Yes Weprin  Yes Winner  Yes Wirth  Yes Wright 
Yes Young  Yes Mr. Speaker 


                STATE OF NEW YORK

            S. 822--A                                             A. 1553--A

                               2003-2004 Regular Sessions

                SENATE - ASSEMBLY
                                    January 22, 2003
        IN SENATE -- Introduced by Sen. LAVALLE -- read twice and ordered print-
          ed,  and  when  printed  to  be committed to the Committee on Codes --
          committee discharged, bill amended, ordered reprinted as  amended  and
          recommitted to said committee
        IN ASSEMBLY -- Introduced by M. of A. ACAMPORA -- read once and referred
          to  the  Committee  on  Codes  --  committee discharged, bill amended,
          ordered reprinted as amended and recommitted to said committee 

        AN ACT to amend the criminal procedure law, in relation  to  designating
          certain employees of the town of Riverhead as peace officers

          The  People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section 1.  Subdivision 63 of section 2.10 of the  criminal  procedure
     2  law,  as added by chapter 519 of the laws of 1994, is amended to read as
     3  follows:
     4    63. Uniformed members of the fire marshal's  office  in  the  town  of
     5  [Southhampton] Southampton and the town of Riverhead, when acting pursu-
     6  ant  to  their special duties in matters arising under the laws relating
     7  to fires, the extinguishment thereof and fire perils; provided,  however
     8  that nothing in this subdivision shall be deemed to authorize such offi-
     9  cer  to carry, possess, repair or dispose of a firearm unless the appro-
    10  priate license therefor has been issued pursuant to  section  400.00  of
    11  the penal law.
    12    § 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                             [ ] is old law to be omitted.


SPONSOR: Acampora

TITLE OF BILL:  An act to amend the criminal procedure law, in
relation to designating certain employees of the town of Riverhead as
peace officers

PURPOSE:  To allow those who serve as court officers, and those
appointed by the local sheriff pursuant to their special duties serving
as uniformed marine patrol officers, the same powers enjoyed by those in
the same position in the Town of Southampton, the Village of Amityville,
and the County of Yates.

SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS:  Criminal Procedure Law Section 2.10; Subdivi-
sion 63 is amended to include the words "Southampton and the Town of
Riverhead" to the existing law.

JUSTIFICATION:  Amending the law will expand the list of persons
designated as peace officers to include uniformed members of the Fire
Marshal's office in the town of Southampton and the town of Riverhead.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY:  2001-2002, S.3154; 1999-2000,S.3057-A/A.5610-A.


EFFECTIVE DATE:  This act shall take effect immediately.