The standard 911 emergency number is the ONLY number to use whenever a police officer or other emergency assistance is needed on scene at an incident immediately.  The reality is that the 911 personnel and the police agencies that they dispatch must prioritize calls, and the response for some types of calls may not always be a high priority.  However, this is the only number to call when an immediate response is required.


A second number that may be useful - but ONLY in non-emergency situations, and NEVER when an immediate response is required - is the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department 1-877-BARRENS toll free number, introduced by Suffolk County in 1999 (see the County's Press Release on this here).  This number rings at the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office in Riverhead, and a Sheriff's Office employee will answer.  The agencies involved advise that you should use this number to report patterns of illegal activity, and a member of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office will then call you back, take a description of the illegal activity that your neighborhood is experiencing, and use that information when the pine barrens area police agencies conduct a field enforcement sweep (which they do regularly). DO NOT use this number for emergencies; it will only delay a response, since the operators will simply have to call 911 themselves!  The 1-877-BARRENS number operates County wide.