Issued at meeting of July 2, 1996
Revised goal statements as per meeting of 9/10/96 (Issued: October 1, 1996)
Revised objectives for goal one and added preface as per meeting of 10/1/96 (Issued: November 6, 1996)
Revised objectives for goal two and preface as per meeting of 11/6/96 (Issued: December 6, 1996)
Revised objectives for goal three as per meeting of 12/6/96 (Issued: January 7, 1996)
Revised objectives for goals four and five as per meeting of 1/7/96 (Final prepared : January 8, 1996)
Final issued at meeting of February 4, 1997


As stated in the Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan, it is the responsibility of the Protected Lands Council to develop a regional management plan for protected lands in the core preservation area. It is the consensus of the Council that the management plan should also include protected lands within the compatible growth area. This management plan will achieve the recommendations of Volume I, Chapter 7 of the Plan (Public Lands Management), by addressing the issues and goals outlined in that chapter as well as including recommendations for the compatible growth area.

The management plan will contain long term goals and objectives for the management of protected lands in the core preservation area and compatible growth area and will outline management activities for the next five years, with a review due every two years thereafter. Below is a set of five goal statements which have been formulated by the Council followed by the specific objectives necessary to accomplish these. Where applicable, the objectives have been further divided based on the type of activity required, into one of the following three categories:

As resources allow, all agencies and organizations in the Protected Lands Council will seek to accomplish and implement all of the objectives outlined for the five goals of the protected lands management plan.


We the members of the Central Pine Barrens Protected Lands Council establish, maintain and manage
an interconnected system of protected lands,
ensuring that the essential values and integrity are preserved for the public trust, present and future.

GOAL 1:  Natural resource protection and management

To protect, preserve and enhance the functional integrity of the Pine Barrens ecosystem and its significant natural resources,
including plant and animal populations and communities, the quality of surface water and groundwater
and other resources representative of such environments


Inventory and analysis

Management Plan Component


 GOAL 2:  Public access and enjoyment of protected lands

To plan, promote and manage public access, recreation and facility development
in a manner which is consistent with the objective of minimizing threats to environmentally sensitive areas
and maximizing the overall quality of visitor experience


Inventory and analysis

Management Plan Components


GOAL 3:  Community education and stewardship

To promote public awareness and understanding of ecological principles and inherent values of protected areas
through education, appreciation, interpretation and experience


Public Participation

Environmental Education

GOAL 4:  Interagency coordination and planning

To forge stronger working relationships and partnerships between all public land holders and conservation land managers
in the Central Pine Barrens so as to allow for sharing of limited resources and to strengthen the capacity of individual land managers
to accomplish regional pine barrens resource protection and management goals


GOAL 5:  Environmental / Conservation enforcement

Assist the Law Enforcement Council in developing a sustained and integrated law enforcement program
to foster interagency cooperation and improve program effectiveness