Summary of the Protected Lands Council's
Hot Water Street and Toppings Path (Manorville / Calverton)
Interagency Clean Up Days - Tuesday 7/8/97 and Wednesday 7/9/97

(9/9/97 version following corrections by Council
and receipt of updated landfill figures)

1. Personnel

Total number of people in attendance on 7/8/97 - 58 (some people did not sign in)
Total number of people in attendance on 7/9/97 - 51 (again, some did not sign in)

Total distinct individuals working on either or both days, listed alphabetically by agency or organization  (* indicates Protected Lands Council member agency):

2. Equipment involved on either or both days

3. Follow Up Work Day - 7/31/97

Some of the material which was collected in piles during the 7/8 and 7/9 work days could not be transported to the landfill by the close of the second day.  On Thursday 7/31, that remaining materials was removed from the staging area, and along Hot Water Street east to CR 51 was picked up and transported to the landfill.

The Suffolk County Department of Public Works provided a front end loader and operator, plus a tractor-trailer dumpster and driver.  The Suffolk County Water Authority provided a dump truck and driver.  Two Commission staff members and one Suffolk County Park Police officer, using a Suffolk Parks pickup truck were also present.  The larger dump trailer made two trips to the landfill (the second being made the following morning, and the dump truck made one trip.

4. Results

5. Next Steps