Central Pine Barrens Protected Lands Council

May 2, 2000


WEATHER: Steady rain and clouds tapered off gradually during the morning briefing breaking into a clear sunny day with the temperature reaching 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The following agencies and groups had representatives present with the respective materials:

68 TOTAL (according to sign-in sheet)

WORK AREA #1: (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.)
Coordinator: Bill Sickles, SC Parks

Two crews worked this area the entire day removing felled trees from the main fire road and transporting them along this road placing dense piles of debris every few hundred feet.  A total of approximately 1500 linear feet of dirt road was covered with several cubic yards of material. Prior to May 2, NYS Parks coordinated the placement of large logs at the intersection of this road with Route 25.  This was the scene of interviews performed by News 12 staff with members of the Council that appeared on the air that night.  This was also the site of the photograph taken by Newsday which appeared with an article the following day.  SC Parks sent a small crew back after May 2, to finish the closure of this road where it intersects with the main fire road.  Additional volunteers headed up by Mindy Block also went back and planted seedlings in between the piles of debris to revegetate the road.

WORK AREA #6: (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.):
Coordinator: Mindy Block, Global ReLeaf

One large crew worked this area the entire day carrying seedlings, buckets, shovels and rakes approximately one half mile to this large disturbed area which represents over an acre of clearing.  A total of 2700, two year old pitch pine seedlings were individually planted using Mycor Tree Saver Transplant, an endo/ectomycorrhizal fungal inoculant.  This helps in root establishment by ensuring optimum water and nutrient absorption.  After planting, a portion of the crew went back and raked leaf litter over the seedlings to provide organic matter and hold moisture longer.  The inoculant and leaf litter were not used in previous years of planting so this area will be monitored for survival rate of the seedlings.

WORK AREA ALONG ROUTE 25: (all day):
Coordinator: Glenn McNab, SC Department of Labor

Approximately one dozen youths picked up litter along Route 25 on Suffolk County land in the vicinity of Work Area 1 easterly to across from Horn Pond, over one mile.  This litter was located off the shoulder of the road in the immediately adjacent wooded portion of Suffolk County parkland.  Several bags of litter totaling approximately two yards, were removed from the roadside at the end of the day and taken back for disposal by the SC Parks chain saw crew.

COMMENTS: The following recommendations were made at the Protected Lands Council meeting of June 6, 2000 for future events:

Please provide the Council with your suggestions of field activities to further Stewardship in Unit 6.