Recreational Uses Mapping Workshop

July 14, 1999


The following is a summary of ideas, existing uses and other issues presented by the participants at the workshop.
This was recorded through a roundtable discussion and the mapping exercise.
There was significant interest and exchange of ideas for another workshop to be held in the future.

The evening began with a brief overview of the purpose and intent by facilitator Donna Plunkett followed by everyone introducing themselves and why they were present. The three groups or uses that had the largest representation were the Long Island Field Trials Association (LIFTA), Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers (CLIMB), and Horseback Riders. Other groups were also represented and were recorded on the attached sign-in sheets.

Issues raised during this introductory roundtable included:

The facilitator asked about the issue of multi-use trails and the following comments were made:

Three groups were formed to work on maps and record existing uses as well as proposed, future uses. The following is a summary of what was drawn on the maps as well summary statements made by participants:

The workshop ended at approximately 8:30 pm.