News Release  -  August 16, 1995

Gaffney Announces New Pine Barrens Acquisitions -
Army National Guard To Patrol Area For Illegal Dumping

Suffolk County Executive Robert J. Gaffney today announced that the County has purchased some 222 acres of land in the core area of the Central Pine Barrens.  At the same time Gaffney said that an agreement has been reached with the United States Army National Guard whereby the Guard will provide aerial surveillance of the Pine Barrens to deter individuals from illegally dumping debris and other materials in the environmentally sensitive area.

The 222 acres are divided among three parcels.  The first, 89.5 acres is located on the south side of Flanders Road in Flanders, Town of Southampton.  The second is a 68.8 acre site on the north side of Hot Water Street in Manorville, while the third is a 64.2 acre parcel north of Hot Water Street, also in Manorville.  The County paid an average of $9,500 per acre for the land, with the funds coming from the County's quarter per cent Drinking Water Protection Program.

"In 1993 I pledged to utilize $10 million from Suffolk County's Drinking Water Protection Program to purchase land in the core area of the Pine Barrens," Gaffney stated.  "Exactly one year ago we finalized our first purchase totalling 87.5 acres.  This past January we closed on three other parcels with a total acreage of 317 acres.  This means that in the past year alone Suffolk County has acquired some 627 acres of tremendously important environmentally sensitive land."

At the press conference, held at Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Eastport, Colonel Frank P. Intini of the United States Army National Guard announced that, responding to a request from Gaffney, the Guard would be monitoring activity in the Pine Barrens by helicopter, and reporting their findings back to law enforcement officials.  The Guard will be flying over the Pine Barrens area some 40 times per week, and will be on the look-out for any illegal dumping activity.