NY Environmental Conservation Law
Article 57
Long Island Pine Barrens Maritime Reserve Act of 1990
as amended by the Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act of 1993
and amended further as noted.

This is an unofficial copy of the Act.

The 1990 Maritime Reserve Act (Chapter 814 of the Laws of 1990; effective 7/25/90) was the origin of this article of the ECL.
The 1993 Pine Barrens Act (Chapter 262 of the Laws of 1993; effective 7/13/93) modified this article.
See the Governor's Bill Jacket for the 1993 Act here: pdf.

This article was then subsequently amended as indicated.
All amendments are included in the files linked from here.

Since 1993, several litigation matters have been filed involving the provisions of ECL Article 57.
The decisions in those cases are accessible from the page entitled Litigation Involving the Pine Barrens Commission.

Section 57-0101. Short title.
Section 57-0103. Legislative declaration.
Section 57-0105. Legislative findings and intent.
Section 57-0107. Definitions.  see the amended boundary definitions in Section 57-0107 subdivisions 10 and 11 at this link: Carmans River expansion area
Section 57-0109. Establishment of Long Island Pine Barrens maritime reserve; core preservation area and compatible growth area.
Section 57-0111. Long Island Pine Barrens maritime reserve council.
Section 57-0113. Duties of the council.
Section 57-0115. Comprehensive management plan.
Section 57-0117. Dedications to the Long Island Pine Barrens preserve; legislative protection.
Section 57-0119. Central Pine Barrens joint planning and policy commission.
Section 57-0121. Central Pine Barrens comprehensive land use plan; interim regulations.
Section 57-0123. Implementation of the Central Pine Barrens comprehensive land use plan.
Section 57-0125. Addition of towns.
Section 57-0127. Cooperation of state and municipal agencies.
Section 57-0129. Acceptance of monies.
Section 57-0131. Limitations on regulation of hunting, fishing and recreation activities; nonregulation of federal conservation activities.
Section 57-0133. Affect on other laws.
Section 57-0135. Judicial review.
Section 57-0136. Penalties and enforcement.
Section 57-0137. Severability.