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Other Agencies and the Credit Program

Suffolk County Department of Health Services

Pine Barrens Credits can be used as sanitary credits through the Suffolk County Department of Health Services to increase sanitary waste flow for new development projects and for changes in an existing building’s use or increase in floor area in unsewered areas in order to satisfy SCDHS Article 6 requirements for sanitary waste disposal. Credits enable the transfer of sanitary flow from a sending parcel located in the Core Preservation Area or from another Commission-designated sending parcel to a receiving parcel located outside of the Core Preservation Area where the additional sanitary flow is desired. SCDHS determines the number of credits required for a project to satisfy health department requirements and has specific transfer of development rights standards that have to be met which are intended to protect groundwater, drinking water and surface waters.

Other Town and County Programs

There are other transfer of development rights programs aside from the credit program that are being operated through the county and local towns that are identified in a comprehensive inventory entitled “Suffolk County Transfer of Development Rights Study,” which was prepared by the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning in 2014.  A copy of this report is available in our online document library under the category "Credit Program".

To learn more about the use of Pine Barrens Credits as sanitary credits and the Suffolk County Department of Health Services sanitary waste program visit our online document library and select the category "Credit Program".