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Protected Lands Council

The Protected Lands Council is an association of agencies, organizations, and individuals sharing a common interest in advancing the protection, preservation, and restoration of natural, cultural, and scenic resources in the Central Pine Barrens region, while promoting compatible public use and enjoyment of protected lands. The Council promotes regional cooperation and the sharing of resources and information with respect to protected public lands within the Central Pine Barrens. Under the direction of the Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission, the Council’s stewardship work in more than 60,000 acres of protected public lands in the Central Pine Barrens includes habitat protection; ecological preservation, restoration of historic structures; trail creation; recreation use oversight, such as hiking, bird watching and hunting; signage development; invasive species management; park planning; mitigating and preventing All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) damage; and dumping mitigation.

Since its establishment by the Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan, the Council’s focus and structure have evolved. Black Capped ChickadeeThe Council holds periodic meetings during the year at various locations within the Central Pine Barrens, with additional field work sessions scheduled as needed. The Council’s chair and vice chair are appointed by the Commission and Council work is supported by the Commission’s Science and Stewardship division. Meeting agendas include a roundtable session that serves as a forum where land managers, public lands user groups, environmental groups, and others provide updates and exchange ideas on topics of mutual interest. The Council is also a voting member of the Commission’s Wildfire Task Force. (Photo:  Black-capped Chickadee by D. Rogers)

To learn more about the Protected Lands Council and to obtain copies of meeting minutes, visit our online document library and select the category "Protected Lands Council" and view the online events calendar for meeting information.

For further information contact or call 631-288-1079.