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Advisory Committee

The Central Pine Barrens Advisory Committee was established under the Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act of 1993. Its powers and function are explained in New York State Environmental Conservation Law Article 57, section 57-0119, paragraph 9.  The committee includes 24 organizations named in the law as members and the law authorizes up to 28 members. The committee membership is represented by a balance of environmental, civic and development groups whose purpose is to actively assist and advise the Commission in the implementation of, and revisions to, the Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

This committee is independent of the Commission and meets as needed to review and provide advice in regard to proposed Commission policies, actions, amendments and other matters.

Members of the committee serve without compensation. Member organizations appoint representatives to serve on the committee. The current chair and vice chair are the chief executive officer of the Suffolk County Water Authority and the executive director of the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, respectively. 

Members of the committee as designated by the law are:
  • Long Island Association
  • Long Island Builders Institute
  • Association For a Better Long Island
  • Long Island Board of Realtors
  • Long Island Farm Bureau
  • Suffolk County Water Authority
  • State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Regional Plan Association
  • Long Island Pine Barrens Society
  • Group for the East End
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • North Fork Environmental Council
  • Open Space Council
  • Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Eastern Suffolk Board of Realtors
  • Southampton Alliance
  • South Fork Promotion Committee or their successors and interests
  • A member from the Long Island Regional Planning Board
  • Two members from the New York State Legislative Commission on Water Resource Needs of Long Island
  • A civic representative from each of the Towns of Southampton, Brookhaven and Riverhead designated by the Supervisor thereof

To obtain a copy of Advisory Committee meeting minutes visit our online document library and select the category "Advisory Committee" and view the online event calendar for meeting information.