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To Report Non-Emergency Incidents

Laws protecting the Central Pine Barrens are enforced by multiple local enforcement agencies including the NYSDEC Division of Law Enforcement and Forest Rangers, the NYS Police, Police officers from the Suffolk County Police and the Riverhead and Southampton Town Police, the Suffolk County Sheriff, Suffolk County Park Rangers, Federal officers of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Code Enforcement Officers from the Towns of Brookhaven, Southampton, and Riverhead. Additionally, the Central Pine Barrens Commission oversees and coordinates enforcement activity within the Central Pine Barrens through its Compliance and Enforcement Division.  

Land use incidents of interest to the Commission and its affiliated dump3Kindleragencies include those related to unlawful dumping of solid and hazardous waste, unlawful use of ATVs and other off-road vehicles, unpermitted land clearing and development, encroachment on public lands and preserved lands, illegal hunting or unlawful use of a firearm, arson, and other conduct that has a negative effect on public health, safety, and welfare.                                      (photo credit: K. Kindler)

If you observe or are aware of any potential violations in the Central Pine Barrens that are not life threatening or an emergency requiring immediate response, you are encouraged to report them immediately by calling the toll free hotline 1-877-BARRENS (1-877-227-7367) which is staffed on a 24/7 basis by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office.  This number can be used for reporting patterns of illegal activity or single incidents.

In addition, on weekdays between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, you may also contact the Compliance and Enforcement Division by calling (631) 288-1079 or by email at You can complete an incident reporting form and send it to the email above or by fax to (631) 288-1367.

Violations related to non-compliance with the NYS Environmental Conservation Law call 1-844-332-3267

For emergency response dial 911.