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The 2022 New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy (NYWIMA) will be held from Monday, October 17th through Friday, October 28th from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm each day and will be held at Southampton University in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

Online registration is now open.  For late registration call the Academy office at (631) 218-1195.

NYWIMA offers formal classes instructed by certified trainers and also provides traineeships in various ICS command and general staff positions.  NYWIMA class offerings are closely coordinated with position qualification listings found in PMS 310-1 Wildland and Prescribed Fire Qualifications System Guide and/or those same requirements listed in FSH 5109.17 Fire and Aviation Management Qualifications Handbook as well as other qualification systems.DJI_0222

Before signing up for a course or traineeship, NYWIMA staff recommends that students take the following steps:

  • Consult with your supervisor to determine appropriate courses to take.
  • Review the position and training requirements that govern your agency’s qualifications rating system.
  • Become familiar with task book and on-the-job training requirements for positions.

The NYWIMA brochure contains a full description of courses offered at this year’s Academy.  It also outlines some of the suggested training options students may want to consider taking. The listed course groupings do not necessarily complete all of the required and additional training recommendations needed for these positions.  In addition, please be sure to read the entire brochure as it should answer most, if not all, of your questions regarding classes, dates, times, registration procedures, pricing and lodging. 

Registration must be received by close of business on Saturday. October 1st. Registrations received after this date will be processed as time and class availability allow.

A confirmation letter will be sent via email to the address provided for registration.

Any classes in which a minimum number of 10 students are not received by Saturday, October 1st may be canceled at the discretion of NYWIMA management.

Costs are as follows:

  • $75 per day per course for registration by August 1st
  • $80 per day per course for registration by October 1st 
  • $90 per day per course for registration after October 1st 

If you have questions about current or future NYWIMA class and trainee offerings or any other topic concerning NYWIMA, please feel free to contact NYWIMA as follows:


New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy
624 Old Riverhead Road
Westhampton Beach, New York 11978
Phone: (631) 218-1195