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Lewis Road Subdivision PRD

Lewis Road Planned Residential Development (PRD) Subdivision Assertion of Jurisdiction

The project is undergoing significant changes to respond to comments received at the public hearing. Revised plans have not been received to date.

The only action item for the Lewis Road PRD on the May 20, 2020 agenda that is being considered by the Commission is to extend the decision deadline to July 15, 2020 as per the Applicant’s April 29 request.

Extension letter dated April 29, 2020

Extension letter dated March 24, 2020

Extension letter dated March 4, 2020

Public Hearing Materials

The Lewis Road public hearing occurred on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, at 2:30 PM Riverhead Town Hall. Here is the stenographic transcript from the hearing, staff report, and comments received from the public and other entities.

Public hearing transcript_condensed version

Public hearing transcript_full page version

The February 19 hearing was adjourned and left open for comments.

Public hearing materials - sign in sheet and comments submitted at the Public Hearing
*note: corrected file on 2/27/20 to include three pages including a map from the Southampton Town Civic Coalition

Applicant's Presentation

Draft Staff Report

Exhibits A through F; Exhibits G through J; Exhibit K_i of ii; Exhibit K ii of ii; Exhibit L; Exhibit M and N

Exhibits O through VExhibit W; Exhibit X and Y; Exhibit Z; Exhibit AA

Additional project related materials

Other written comments received via email:

Patricia Bowles

Michele Murray

Rita deRose


Michael Alestra

Scott Blom

Dana Dolan

Alissa Sallee

Terry Montgomery

Seatuck Environmental Association